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FOX Business
Feb 13, 2013 8:00pm EST
. your money needs an ally. neil: you havarti hurdler this guy had to say. and this guy. what he had to say. did you catch what this guy had to say? the biggest speech wasn't the one you likely watch. but here's one you unfortunately missed. relax, because tonight, rimmed policy her. rand paul is here. welcome, everybody. i am neil cavuto. rand paul has crunched the numbers about what the president has said and says it is about to explode the deficit and there is no way you can talk about spending on things like infrastructure, kind of change initiatives come in green initiatives, all kids initiatives, and so many other initiatives. without initiating a lot bigger deficits. rand paul is here to say that not only does the math not add up, nothing of that. senator, it is great to have you. >> thank you for having me, neil. neil: or do you do now? what do you do? what you advocate republicans do? >> i think we have to point out the truth. we cannot let the president went on the country saying that he has cut the deficit by $2 trillion. well, that is absurd. we have increased our debt b
FOX Business
Feb 21, 2013 8:00pm EST
bal bony on drones and others, thank you for being with us, good night from new york. neil: linked in, face the music and pay up, anything but nothing, you are big money. you can can afford to fork over some cash. i'm neil cavuto, true, likes of linkedin and facebook not paying a penny in taxes to the federal government. to me is makes no senate all. exxonmobil still evil if it paid more than $31 billion in taxes and chevron still represen thoss paying highest rate, they don't rate any media attention -- that good. mark zuckerberg paying no rate buzz not rate any media attention, what his company does is good, and cool. even though really, does not end up with washington seeing cool cash. lingeredin pays zero percent and walmart pays federal income tax north of 32%. caterpillar 30.7% or mcdonald's 31.3%. food for thought. this is media double standard makes up to the puke, and ignoring warning of no let than mitt romney make you want to puke even more. bemoaning half of the americans who pay no federal income taxes at all, so many groups were getting their nose out of joint, no one as
FOX News
Feb 22, 2013 1:00pm PST
faster than stocks and more consistently. welcome everybody. i'm neil harwell. -- neil cavuto. headed higher, 3.78 a gallon, and the reason this is happening, they're getting weirder. >> one thing we have to do is keep on making our overall economy use less oil. >> neil: but what is all this about how much energy we're using, but not how much energy we're getting? because we're not getting as much as we can. the oil watch, on what is really behind the pain at the pump. what is it? >> certainly not consumption. that statement from president obama is ridiculous. if you look at u.s. oil consumption, it's been declining for a long time now. last year we consumed 18.6 million barrels of oil a day, which i the same amount we consumed in 1996. so u.s. oil consumption is going down. not about the u.s. consuming more oil. western european oil consumption is going down. i you want to know where the growth is coming. , it's emerging marks like champion and india. china consumes two barrels of oil per person per year compared to the u.s. at 22 and at it just going to keep going -- >> it's not how
FOX News
Feb 23, 2013 4:00pm EST
. this is going to hurt. [ laughter ] >> neil: i'm neil cavuto and leave it to a doctor, a doctor to give us all the dose of reality. former democratic presidential candidate howard dean. he also knows how to count. >> somebody has to tell the middle-class that either your taxes are going up or program is going to get cut or we're going into financial oblivion and nobody wants to tell them that. >> neil: there is the diagnosis. you want big government. you got to pay for big government and with more going out, yeah! the doctor's present scripting is right. just like doing it that is our dilemma we cut or we hike. what are you going to get? so to spen stein, charles payne, adam, charles payne speaks words of wisdom. >> 160 million americans feel the pain. it's interesting what howard dean had to say and what the "new york times" had to say they are trying to get the rest of the country and we're going out for rich bastards that took the money but you are going to have to chip in because we're going to have a giant society with all kind of goodies and it' going to be everything. just wear spandex
FOX Business
Feb 22, 2013 8:00pm EST
york. >> to serve men, it's a cook book. ♪ >> no, no! hey, no! neil: yeah, a cook book, but it's too late, or is it? forget about selecting from the health care menu, we are on the menu. ♪ welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto, and what is it with all the republican governors marching like zombies into what looks like a federal health care abyss? rick scott in florida, jan brewer in arizona, for various reasons essentially doing the same thing. the cost of fighting, particularly this whole medicaid thing is over the top. now, i feel the pain, but if they think it is better to switch than fight, may i harken back to the famous episode and say is there about to be road kill on a plate? to quote rod, if we were around to see all of this, picture if you will one republican governor lining up after another convinced boarding this rocket ship to hell means they can at least enjoy the stars. trust me, once they see the cost of caving, they'll be seeing stars because this grand, wonderful, medicaid expansion rise is not so. in that zone, turns out, the loving aliens were not giving humans a
FOX Business
Feb 22, 2013 11:00pm EST
. >> to serve men, it's a cook book. ♪ >> no, n! >> no. neil: yes. a cookbook. it is too late. or is it? forget about the health care menuar, we're on the menu.ican go welcome, everybody. i am neil with all the governorsto what oe marching like zombies into the federal health care of reason this for essentially doing the same thing because the cost of fighting the will pa medicare thing is over the et i they think it is better choose which may i hearken quote back to the famous "twilightean zone" episode theres about toexa be road kill on the plate. one republican governor lines up after another riding the of a rocket ship to help. trust me, once they see the cost of caving they will see stars because as the medicare rises it turns out those who were in seizing up i the humans as the main course on thei dish andayi adding insult the governors serving the dish aside from saving money, the cost of the budget bustingely een banquet has been pushed onto trust me but by then they are million miles away in anot a rocket ship and we are stuck in deep ship. watching this unfold
FOX News
Feb 26, 2013 1:00pm PST
on the road again. ♪ i can't wait to get on the road again." ." >> neil: this ain't no willie nelson song, although the way this guy is speaking is geoffing me the willies. >> potentially let criminals go. tens of thousands of parents will have to scramble to find child care for their kids. hundreds of thousands of americans will lose access to primary care and preventive care like flu vaccinations and cancer screenings. more than 2,000 college students would lose their financial aid. >> neil: of course, don't forget about the -- being a little silly but is the white house now making stuff up? we have been crunching their numbers. they don't add up. >> welcome, i'm neil cavuto. here is how bad all the fear-mongering is getting. they're talking about slashing funds from a government agency that doesn't exist. it's called-or was called, the national drug intelligence center, and the office of management and budget claims it's in for $2 million slashing. there's october one tiny problem. the center closed in june, and by the way, if any of these cuts, real or imagined, are so scary, why is i
FOX Business
Feb 18, 2013 8:00pm EST
from new york. neil: frigid, now livid. middle of deep freeze in 32 straight days of rising gas prices, americans hunker down in homes this presidents' day, heating that home is going to get more expensive. maybe a lot more expensive. welcome i am neil cavuto, nothing said wenter like -- winter like bitter cold, and now soaring utility bills. this is spreading to every fascet of u.s. economy we're told that winter has weeks left, growing signs this evening this keeps up the same could be said of the recovery itself. phil, you follow this, what is going on? >> you know we had everything that could go wrong, go wrong. we had refinery issues, hurricane sandy, and refinery fires, this is around the country, on top of that because of fed fed policy, -- federal reserve policy the price of oil has gun up over $10 a barrel in under a month, that is a recipe for sharply rising prices. neil: normally that stuff creeps up in other areas not good. >> i actually am more amount mystic. -- optimistic, fuel costs represent about 4% of pretax income. i think that the consumer has lost that payroll tax
FOX News
Feb 16, 2013 4:00pm EST
>>> run for cover in four years, you could have some major competition. hi, i'm neil cavuto. glad to be back. thanks to charles payne for his hard work. more on how i'm going to deal with him in a second. first, who is this guy? what i said an infomercial star. i heard this. >> nothing i'm proposing tonight should increase our deficit by a single dime. >> jane: instantly thought of this. >> through all the work it does, this machine should sell over $400. you are not going to pay $400 or 375, all you spend for 24 fabulous machine over $400 value. all you spend is four easy monthly payments of 39.95. >> neil: we fined a better deal. the president's deal won't cost you four installments, it won't add a dime. $98 billion preschool plan, not the $40 billion fix it infrastructure plan -- don't ask -- or the paltry $8 billion career fund for community colleges. three new programs it sounds like they cost $146 billion, not a dime added to our deficit and he is pitching more than that. one problem with the pitch. here is the thing. someone has to pay for it. guess who? to gerri willis. to
FOX Business
Feb 14, 2013 11:00pm EST
is getting on another cruise after this, they must be insane. neil: chad simmons the passenger, said it right. lou: he will give them money to get the heck off, thank you for being ws, joining you tomorrow, go the flie good nighw york. neil: where is the love this valentine's day in not in washington, it is clear, john boehner and barack obama are on the rocks. and we're two weeks away from going off a cliff, kind of. tonight i'll tell you why this time, that kind of love does not stink. that is a good thing. welcome i am neil cavuto, forget the chocolate, rip up the roses, no way these t parties will work this out, miles apart, i think that john boehner just said he is spent, out of here, and cupid can stick an arrow up his you know what, he didn't really say that, but that is kind of where things stand. now before you think that is the en of the world, and the spending cuts, over 10 years, hit us hard in two weeks, i'm here to tell you, relax, sometimes recognizing a bad rape for what it is, -- a bad relationship for what it is, is a good thing. and republicans risking more spending cuts co
FOX Business
Feb 26, 2013 8:00pm EST
. thank you for joining us, good night. from new york. neil: read it and weep, coat wall street closes in on a record, why is wall street laying off with a vengeance? welcome i am neil cavuto, at fox on top of broker bumming out, a bot of brokers. these guys got a case of the blues, jobs blews, today, news that jpmorgan chase plans to cut 4,000 jobs in consumer banking business this year, and 13,000 next year that is a lot, goldman sachs likely the same, as it begins annual weeding out of so-called underperformers, early this week. now keep in mind goldman sachs has already cut its workforce by 9% or 3300 employees. so you see a pattern? bank of america, citigroup, ubs ag, they have been cutting staff for years now, they show no signs of letting up now. the problem, well despite the busy market driven by surprisingly few players, not so busy anything else, investment banks under pressure in their other fa far-flung businesses, y are squeezing the lemon to make whatever lemonade they can, cutting costs, managingic pengs, the likes of which we have not seen since after the famous meltdow
FOX Business
Feb 11, 2013 8:00pm EST
need an ally. hello? ally bank. your money needs aally. neil: well you better be watching the president's state of the union speech tomorrow, something tells me, me just ordered you to. >> welcome i am neil cavuto, first my thanks to my colleagues and friends, charles payne and lizzy mcdonald for their hard work when i was time, time for the notion of king obama to sink in. i know it sounds silly, but what would you call it? president obama has been buying barking off a lot of orders. only last month a federal appeals court said, president exceeded his constitutional powers when he named several people to national lak labor bod while the was on break, the white house insists only thing that president is trying to break is a logjam with the republican, we have these things called branches of government for a reason, so no branch of power is seize government on its open for any reason. tomorrow night, what ran through with or without congress, message to president, just because you can't all ways get what you want is no reason to do whatever the heck you want, whether it is an executive o
FOX Business
Feb 20, 2013 11:00pm EST
and ambassador john bolton. please join us, we will see you tomorrow goodnight, from new york. neil: all right, china. we are warning you. one more time wi this nonsense. maybe if you don't mind, it's not a big fine. after all,,you do own a big chunk of our debt. but it's enough. even though you are in your right to tell us tough luck, beijing. neil: do you ever feel like a beggar when you can't get user? welcome, everyone. a crackdown on china for cracking into our computers. step back and ask yourself how china managed to crack into a sensitive defense contractor computer system. scores of other industries and their computers as well. a former president, getting hacked. even apple, yes, apple gets hacked. ask yourself not whether we punish the hackers, but how we had so many getting out from the most sensitive to the most mundane, and everything that everyone in between, supposedly the most technologically advanced country, it is pretty well everywhere. it is embarrassing and humiliating. a very fair commentary. the hackers appeared so measured and delayed and that this stuff keeps happening
FOX News
Feb 28, 2013 1:00pm PST
. >> neil: if you are the company you keep, why does it seem the president is surrounded by creeps? forget sequester, i'm beginning to think sinister. the kind of beaver that if the media caught a republican administration pulling they'd right by be screaming. this administration does it, but this time, this white house, went of the wrong guy. >> , i'm neil cavuto. i want to go a little over the top to connect some disturbing pieces of something i think is frankly over the top. i really don't know what we face tomorrow when all the cuts kick in. what i do know is after the administration that has been terrifying us, this wheels have already come off. the folks behind mr. cool acting a tad bit creepy, and an e-mail from a guy name sterling will leave your hurling. one of the economic advisers clearly threatening one of the most celebrated journalists in washington apparently because bob woodward wasn't saying the administration line in washington. sperling blasting woodward for saying the president was changing the sequestration debate by moving the gold post and demanding revenues, i.e. ta
FOX Business
Feb 15, 2013 11:00pm EST
a wonderfend. good night from new york. neil: this was the week we dodged an asteroid. and maybe a bear. >> welcome to my neil cavuto. so much for that pain in the asteroid. it might have scared us, but that never there are companies willing to plunk down big bucks on at least two big punches, one of the earth would not be destroyed and two, that being the case, putting some cash to work work right now. a wad of cash. about $50 billion of cash since january. that includes the $23 billion that dell is planning to take itself private. the $28 billion that warren buffett is forking over for h.j. heinz, and the 11 billion-dollar merger between amr and u.s. airways. and i'm not including anheuser-busch more than big numbers and big deals. a big question. why is all this happening right now? why in an environmt where taxes are going up a lot, why are we back to the deals with the likes of which we haven't seen since those lazy and hazy, much lower tax rate of 2005? well, it could be that companies simply have no else where else to put their cash or maybe it is all part of a big bker mentality
FOX News
Feb 21, 2013 4:00pm EST
the dow is down a bit. that not go to kill us. your world with neil cavuto captioned by closed captioning services inc. >> here comes the snow. then here comes he snow jobs. fox on top of the flakes and on top of the flakes. before we get to that beastly storm, a look at some plain old, well, bs. >> eight days from now, a tremor will hit the american economies by impacting the people who work in the food safety area of usda. >> terrible consequences to public halve. >> the country less safe and the communities less safe as a result of sequester. >> the air air traffic controllers. >> 750,000 americans will not have jobs. >> now, you would think they way they're talking, the sequestration next week, we're all eating con tam it inned meat next week. i say these cuts go through we'll all be eating mr. ed here. >> what kind of a name is ed for a hours. >> what kind of name is wilbur for man. >> that's -- >> what a bunch of horse you know what. leaving aside all the other cuts, the agriculture department could pursue, if it really has to due really think the first thing they'll butc
FOX Business
Feb 25, 2013 8:00pm EST
on fox business. neil: if we hit a down record, not today, what if i told you we're looking at a resolution? welcome i'm neil cavuto it did not happen today, but i suspect that it is not a matter of if but when the dow takes more than 5 year high, that is good until you remember, what we were a little more than months away from at that time, a recession and later a meltdown, first signs were sprouting, home prices are easing and homeowner were having problems paying their mortgage, not a tumble in prices. not a lot of stressed homeowners but signals that maybe consumers were getting into a crunch, then came the crunch. i am saying that the signs are more persuasive, we're in for some stormy weather, how else do you explain walmart worried? walmart, a magnet for the common man uncommonly concerned about a payroll tax, and rising gas prices. and all because, now and then, most were focused on wrong thing. dismissing the rich getting zapped with higher taxes now, convinced they could bear it, so could the economy, but forgetting the whole payroll tax affecting just about everyo
FOX Business
Feb 19, 2013 8:00pm EST
. neil: thank god for howard dean. the screamer is now a saint. saying something i call most of the voice i tell you is deafening. during a discussion of the whole budget mess, all i could say is prepare for your jaw to drop because i want you to remember the guy saying it. roll it. >> somebody had held a middle-class you do your taxes will go up or the programs will get cut or we will go into financial oblivion and nobody wants to tell them that. neil: he has gone from throwing grenades to heavy doses of something called reality. says we have a choice, everyone's taxes go up for a lot of programs get cut, either or. the rich can't pay for it all. it is all simple math of the middle-class and others will have to pay as well. the commitment is so spread out, it is time to spread the tax wealth and quit spreading the you know what. you want big government, you will have to pay for big government. the doctor from vermont knows his man more than a trillion dollars going out than coming in year after year cannot be sustained so more are going to have to pay. i don't know the former presidentia
FOX News
Feb 27, 2013 1:00pm PST
" and back with the fox report, 7:00 eastern and here is cavuto. >> neil: thanks. as the clock ticks down will they ever shut up? more pointing fingers and pointing to solutions. it's clear, it's now. it's time. if these guys won't be heroes, yep, time for yours truly to be heroic. because if you've had enough with sequestration, frustration. i warn you washington, you wouldn't do something i would and today i have. relax, america, because the hero has brought the solution and spandex. i warned you. >> welcome, i'm neil cavuto, about the spandex, i had some of frightened, didn't i? and president obama is going to solve this mess by announcing he is holding the first face-to-face meeting with democratic and republican leaders on friday. there are two problems. one, it's friday by which of this time has kicked in and it's silly. up until now all he has been doing is kicking the other side's teeth in. time to get something done now because we have the plans to stop all of this nonsense right now. we have the guy espousing it and congressman tom price, part of my avenger's collection along wi
FOX News
Feb 18, 2013 1:00pm PST
it was an omen. [screaming] >> welcome everybody. i'm neil cavuto. they say heat can fry the bay. i'm beginning to thing cold puts it on ice. look at these global warming protesters, raging in the middle of an arctic blast. we have charles not quite feeling their pain. then phil on the cold behind our pain. but first, adam houseley in santa monica, california, where drivers have had it with the pain behind him. how adam? reporter: we were out here talking to you in the summertime. prices were consistently over five dollars a gallon. it's being chucked up to the summer driving season. no one expected this. no one expected prices to be this high in the middle of winter. in fact they put together some unnumbers for you as gas prices have gone up for 31 days straight across the country. back on january 18th. 3.29, the national average. today, 3.73. gas prices just over the weekend spiked, for example, friday, 3.64, now, again, 3.73 a gallon. and if you look at the state averages in the continuous 48 -- hawai'i is always the highest but here in the lower 48, california, 4.62. michigan. 3.91. florida
FOX Business
Feb 27, 2013 8:00pm EST
, mr. president, i think the republicans just called your bluff. welcome, everybody. i am neil cavuto. before the president tries to scare us on these cuts, he might take a good look at republicans to give him the power to avoid these cuts. not with more cuts, but different cuts. not because he says republicans are forcing him to make these cuts. they are not. they are offering to give him broader authority to cut what he sees appropriate within given department. not what the president says has been rammed down his throat through sequestration. i cannot stress enough how big of a deal this is, my friends. he already has this option, but he is just not using it. within the department of agriculture, you do not have to do a beeline for the beef inspectors. it is amazing in the the media isn't all over this, until it puts them in the uncomfortable position that it is now on the president to respond to this. it is still republicans who are evil, he says, a president who has tried and tried to show that. meanwhile, the president started the sequestration idea and even waited and now sudden
FOX News
Feb 25, 2013 1:00pm PST
tolls now and neil cavuto will be in for context, specs perspective and the rest of today's news. i'll see you back here at 7:00 eastern. >> neil: finally the speaker is going to speak. house speaker john boehner who has been putting on memos and articles in the "wall street journal" as the president speaks around the country about the damage about to be inflicted on us all friday with the sequestration cuts. finally today he'll respond with republican leaders moments away now from a g.o.p. press conference ahead of what democrats have been saying will be all but financial armageddon but four days away. when it gets under way, we are there. >> welcome, i'm neil cavuto. ahead of that republican press conference, what we can expect to hear. chad? >> it's very simple, i talked to a couple republican aides this morning and they said there's a very unique equation here. sequester equals bad. obama coined the sequester. that's what they say. i talked to democrats and they say we need four more days to shut off the sequester. the interesting thing is that everybody is locked in. there is n
FOX Business
Feb 12, 2013 8:00pm EST
and anchored by neil cavuto coming up next. good night from new york. ♪ >> eighty-one special report. the "sate of the union" here is neil cavuto. neil: nothing ever proposing tonight should increase our deficit by a single dime. barack obama's promise to the nation tonight that it is not a bigger government we need, but a smarter government that sets priorities and invests in broadbased growth. the upshot from that centerpiece remark planned for a little more than one hour from now. the president of the united states is not going to go crazy cutting down the debt. in fact, the white house indicates today that he is largely -- he has largely done that already. the 4 trillion in budget cuts have already been largely committed to and for, and that is it. needless to say, 4 trillion is over two years, and the president's is factoring in the sequestration cuts that supposedly taken into weeks, and that is no slam-dunk. and the other cuts he is referring to are sort of rehash cuts. suffice it to say that however speeches the left, then there are the cuts. after that no more. the president's battle t
FOX Business
Feb 17, 2013 1:30am EST
: john bull or bear. >> brenda: okay, out of this world. cavuto on business is next. >> neil: all right. television, you might want to run for cover in four years you could have some major competition. hi, everyone, i'm neil cavuto, glad to be back, thanks to my buddy charles payne for all of his heart work. and uortunately ratings while i'm out and more i'm going to deal with him. and first to this guy and what i sense could be coming right now. the star, just hit me when during his state of the union address i heard this. >> nothing i'm proposing tonight should increase our deficit by a single dime and i instantly thought of this. all the work it does, this machine should sell for over $400 you know you're fot going to spend $400 for it not 375 or 350, all you spend for in fabulous machine and over $400 value, all you spend is just four easy monthly payments of 39.95. >> neil: we found a better deal. the president's pitch won't call you four easy installments of 39.95, he says it won't add a dime to our debt. the 90 billion dollars pre-school plan. not the 40 million dollars infrastru
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 725 (some duplicates have been removed)